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Ice split a pipe and water poured into our downstairs and spread through every room. It was after 4 p.m. when we noticed it and my first thought was that I probably could not get anyone to come out and help me until the next day. The contractor who had done all the remodeling throughout our house just a few years earlier said to call SERVPRO. Even though we live in the mountains more than an hour away from SERVPRO's facility, their crisis team (Robert and Kristy) was out here within a couple of hours and worked straight through until about 2 a.m. sucking up water and mitigating the damage. Starting early the next morning Matt, the person who would be taking the lead on our situation, and his assistant Hume were here and worked all day to remediate the problems. Tony, the production manager, came to assess the scope of the situation, and helped ease my mind about working with the insurance company. Matt was here every day after that for varying periods of time to assess the progress and do what was next on their protocol. I was very impressed with the science that was used to optimize the drying out process. Each person involved in my mess was just as professional as they could be and created an atmosphere of calming confidence that everything would be okay. SERVPRO's part of the restoration is complete and I could not be happier with their services and the people who provided them, especially Matt. Thank you.

Kevin and his team did an AWESOME job on my basement! I had black mold EVERYWHERE! They removed all the items with black mold and COMPLETELY cleaned the basement. It looks AWESOME! They are professional, friendly and courteous. I would highly recommend them! They are knowledgeable and know what they are doing!

SERVPRO of Roanoke to the rescue. Within an hour of my frantic call, they arrived and set up this equipment. Cindy, Shawn and Mylee are very knowledgeable and kind. 

On 1/19 my dishwasher flooded our main level of our house leaking into the ceiling in the garage. Since this, SERVPRO has been wonderful they are professional, courteous and very helpful through this process. Ladies came in to pack for me which I truly appreciate each and everyone of this group of people.

Great ,fast, really professional and they left the place cleaner than before.Great experience

They did an absolutely wonderful job… Amanda was very professional and very sweet! I would recommend her as a great employee and a great reference to clean My friends and families carpet!

great crew !

I am very happy with the service provided by the crew sent to me from SERVPRO. they saved my floors ! and were kind, helpful, professional and efficient and respectful of me and my home. would definitely recommend them to others.

After a disaster on our lake front level, SERVPRO did a fantastic job of cleaning up. They were fast and efficient. Once I had the repairs and renovations done, I still had work to finish when my furniture was returned. Robbie of SERVPRO sent Dakota and Cindy to help me finish the job. Those girls are awesome! It was truly a pleasure working with them.

Carolyn Gearhart went above and beyond in working with us to set up services in a time frame that we could work with.  She sent representatives that were well trained and knowledgeable and the service teams were not only thorough but considerate and courteous.  Carolyn and her team are and were outstanding representatives of your company and should be recognized as true assets for the services and customer relations they provided.

Great to see a company that believes in training in all areas.  From sales to safety training and being prepared is what makes SERVPRO a great company to deal with.

Great Company with a great work safety culture.

I just want to express both women who came to help me in my clean up! They both was professional and was concerned about making sure that I was satisfied and making me feel comfortable! Also all the other individuals that I have spoken too and have had contact with are so professional! What a superior crew that are in the Roanoke area!!!

Thank you Dakota and Cindy and Robbie for saving my floors after the washer made a flood. Dakota and Cindy worked hard for us for a week to dry out our beautiful wide plank pine floors. They kept it light and fun and were a real joy to have in my home. SERVPRO came through for us. Give thanks.

Very professional employees! If anything got broken or damaged during packing or cleaning they take responsibility.

I have been an Industrial Hygienist in the Western Virginia region for 20 years.  In that time frame, I have worked with many restoration companies and have found SERVPRO RMP to consistently be among the best.  The level of training their Production Managers and Workers receive is top notch and their client service and attention to detail has always impressed me.  I have reviewed their work on behalf of clients to include water damage mitigation, mold remediation, trauma scene cleanup, sewage contamination abatement, hazardous materials cleanup, among other services and am always inspired by their work ethic, diligence and professionalism. 

Excessive rainfall produced a steady stream of water which ended up in my basement.  Existing drains were overwhelmed with the situation, and I ended up 4 feet of water and extensive damage to the contents of the area.  SERVPRO was on the job promptly and have worked diligently to correct the damage. 

A neighbor gave me their number, and my call was answered promptly.  Kevin came out and explained the plan to be implemented by his staff.  Each person who has been here has been efficient and polite.  I am elderly and have appreciated their helpfulness so much.

I have looked forward to seeing your green service trucks arrive daily to bring your staff to remedy my BIG problem.  I have shared my story with family and friends.  I would recommend your services to any who are in need of such. 

We are extremely pleased with the way everything was handled.  Mike Bogan came in and accessed the damage and explained what needed to be done and what the cost would be. The work was done quickly and very efficiently. The carpet could not be saved so the crew took it up and disposed of it  They then cleaned and disinfected all of the area and put heaters around to blow and dry everything. The crew was very courteous and polite and explained what they were doing and why. As the crew was working they found a couple of items that had not been noticed before and they took care of them, also. They followed up to make sure everything was drying  and checked back over a few days. Mike Bogan brought HVAC specialist in to check the system and the ducts to be sure nothing had been overlooked. Once again, I cannot stress how pleased we are with everything and feel the cost was very reasonable. If anyone wants to contact me about the quality of the work and the people overall, please feel free to give them my information.

The best! I've had to use SERVPRO twice this year and if you have to go through something as horrible as damage to your home - then you want them helping you! Dakota, Cindy, Robby and Quinn are the best! Christine in the office is also so very helpful!

SERVPRO of Roanoke is terrific! They saved me last week when my sewer stopped up! They came and cleaned and disinfected my basement and just took care of everything for me!

We had an extensive water leak originating in our laboratory that threatened to shut down our manufacturing operation if not addressed and cleaned up quickly.  SERVPRO responded immediately and all cleanup and follow-up services were provided with a sense of urgency that allowed us to continue our business un-interrupted.  Thanks SERVPRO for turning a major issue into a non-event!

Dennis Butts                         

Executive Vice President

QualiChem, Inc.

We had a major flood due to a severe roof leaks. I called SERVPRO and within minutes they responded and started getting people on the scene. They were very detailed, organized and professional. I highly recommend them.

We had a great experience working with SERVPRO. Our Dance Studio unfortunately had water damage due to negligence of an A/C company. We had to have floors replaced, a wall ripped out, treated, dried and replaced, plus electrical issues. Jay and his crew made sure that everything was done in a timely manor and made feel confident that there was no danger to our students or facility. Thank you for the positive experience when we were going through a stressful time. A special shout out to Jay who want above and beyond to help us out! We would recommend and use SERVPRO again 

After a house fire in December, we were recommended to talk with SERVPRO. This company and its people are fantastic. A special thank you to Amanda Hayslett and her crew, Christian, Scott, and Xavier. The work was excellent and we are extremely satisfied with the results! If you need their service, I recommend them 100%! All items are clean, smoke and ash free and look incredible.

My dad's vest was damaged in an accident resulting in his death.  The vest was passed down to him from my grandfather.  The vest was returned to me in better shape than before the accident, with no stains!


Had an amazing experience with this team in 2016! They came immediately and remedied the problem quickly!!!

Jay Smeltzer did a great job coordinating our renovation even though our awful insurance made it difficult for months on end.

Their guys were all friendly, professional, and showed up in a timely manner.

SERVPRO did an excellent job during the mold removal process of safely tenting off the room so our toddler would be safe in the home.

Thanks guys!

We had a great experience working with SERVPRO. Our Dance Studio unfortunately had water damage due to negligence of an A/C company. We had to have floors replaced, a wall ripped out, treated, dried and replaced, plus electrical issues. Jay and his crew made sure that everything was done in a timely manor and made feel confident that there was no danger to our students or facility. Thank you for the positive experience when we were going through a stressful time. A special shout out to Jay who want above and beyond to help us out! We would recommend and use SERVPRO again 

I cannot say enough good things about this company and employees. In February a terrible accident happened at my house in my garage. A man was working on my sister's car and it fell on him, almost crushing his head. He suffered traumatic head injuries but thank God he is going to be okay. I have never seen so much blood!! On a Saturday evening their crew, headed up by Dakota who was amazing, came to my home and cleaned my garage spotless. The whole experience was made so much easier because of the kindness and compassion of their crew, management and everyone involved. They are true professionals!! I have never had such a horrible experience that will be with me for a lifetime, but it was made so much easier when dealing with a company that has a true heart for their customers. I highly recommend SERVPRO to everyone....they're a company that cares about more than money. THANK YOU SERVPRO!!

A most excellent company. Responsive, thorough, very careful with owners' property. Working crew most professional. Management Kevin Lancaster and the crew were the best. 100% would use them again.

Quinn, Tommy and Shelia Barber here grateful for you and SERVPRO! We had a water damage to our kitchen, dining room, and ceilings downstairs from our refrigerator water line. Your workers were exceptionally patient, kind, thorough , prompt, confident in their abilities to correct the problem, reassuring, and knowledgeable!! We really appreciate their wonderful service. Robbie managed and assessed the damage and made great decisions on what needed to be done. Dokato and Cindy were wonderful on their jobs cutting wall board in the kitchen and ceiling and containing the area downstairs. They were so helpful, encouraging, and so positive and so glad to do anything to help move this job along!! Timmy and Shawn Willis were here for a bit and were very helpful and polite. Thank you so much for the lives of these fine workers! With best regards and gratitude!

Tommy and Shelia Barber

The SERVPRO of Montgomery & Pulaski Co. crew that serviced our home was excellent. Fantastic customer service and great people. They need a raise! They made a bad situation bearable. Thank you so very much.
Review By: Vanessera Broadnax

Firstly, this review is going to sound like it was planted here by a bot or SERVPRO employee or some such thing. It is not. My wife and I moved here to Salem, VA in October from Burbank (Los Angeles), CA. Our sewer main exploded into our basement from its bathroom last Monday, the 27th of March.  Thank God for insurance, and thank God for SERVPRO. I have to tell you, I have never seen an outfit more organized, more courteous, more helpful, more knowledgeable nor more outright friendly as these people from Roanoke SERVPRO. I just know I'm going to forget someone, but here they are, Melina, Scott, Dakota, Sean, Mitzi, Justin, and Cindy - and managers Morgan and Robbie and even the Vice President, Kevin Lancaster stopped by. This was manpower, ladies and gentlemen, and the force and wherewithal with which they attacked this sewage-y mess in our basement was astonishing. The day after the overflow they were here, and that night the entire basement carpet, tile flooring in the bathroom and on the stairwell stoop were completely torn out and the floor disinfected. The baseboards were all removed; the walls were all opened up to the studs up to 18 up from the floor and everything inside disinfected so that their blowers could dry what was inside and clean air could flow in and out of the area. They were here Tuesday through today, Monday, one week, and both days on the weekend included. They would call ahead and ask if was okay for them to come over and totally accommodated our schedule and our wishes. This company provides phenomenal service and organization, have no doubt about that - we do not take those qualities lightly. When you don't know anybody in or around a place you just moved into, you cannot make enough new friends. I consider all the good, kind folks down at the Roanoke SERVPRO to be our friends from now on. They certainly are our heroes

SERVPRO is a huge supporter of the public safety community. Quinn Mongan and John Tutle are always seeking ways to advocate for professionals in law enforcement. While John is an our local SERVPRO business development manager, it is Quinn Mongan who makes it happen. Quinn is the owner of the company and is a strong advocate for kids and public safety. Quinn has supported the public safety/law enforcement community with scholarships for over four years.

Sharon Scott

Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce

Thank you for the work you and your team did cleaning the MACDC building.  It has new life!


I pulled in my driveway and noticed water running out from under the garage door. After pulling in the garage I discovered that the hot water heater ruptured and water spraying out the top. The major problem is I have a music room on the same level full of equipment. When I opened the door there was approx 1'' of water. After I shut off the main water supply I remembered that my wife was at the beach with a friend, Carolyn Gearhart who works for SERVPRO so I called her. She said she would call it in. About 45 minutes later 2 SERVPRO vans pulled up and they started helping me carry out the music equipment and rolling up the banners while another got the wet vac going. It wasn't long before the room was empty and they placed high powered fans to dry out the room. Every day after a SERVPRO rep would come by and check to make sure all was drying. All music equipment was saved and I was back up and running in less than a week. A special thanks to SERVPRO

Could have been a major loss

We had a major flood due to a severe roof leaks. I called SERVPRO and within minutes they responded and started getting people on the scene. They were very detailed, organized and professional. I highly recommend them.

Awesome Team!

Excellent job! Robbie leads his staff well. Would recommend again.

They were so kind and thoughtful and most of all trust worthy. I wish every employer had workers like these guys. They have returned to finish the job by taking down and removing all equipment that was used during this project. There are no words to express how dedicated these guys are. I would say that SERVPRO is a company that stands out above the rest. Kevin has AWESOME people working on our behalf! I want to give thanks to the Lord for their recommendation!

Thank you so much for the wonderful job Matt did on my carpet & sofa & love seat! Everything looks brand new and my whole house smells brand new. Matt is a true professional and told me everything he would be doing. You guys at SERVPRO are the BEST! Thanks again!

Very professional work. Kevin, Shane & Jordan worked diligently in keeping everything dry, clean and livable. We appreciate all their hard work.

I appreciate the courteous and timely manner that this job was done in.

Matt did a super job (cleaning our carpets) and was exceptionally pleasant.

Robbie & Sean provided great service!

I have been extremely pleased with your employees/crew's professionalism and job. I have posted on facebook for all of my friends to know I have used your service and recommend them use you if such a crisis as mine or worse arises.

Very good at explaining process, taking time to communicate and help understand all aspects of process and rationale.

Great performance, follow-up was great.

Excellent and professional service throughout the entire process of water damage.

Well done! Very professional operation.

Wonderful company that worked with me 2,000 miles away!

Very supportive and compassionate and did what job called for.

...After an incident with a kerosene heater, the soot damage was extensive..I and my dad were so impressed with everything. Todd was especially understanding, kept in touch and couldn't have been nicer...The workers dad said were very attentive and would like to thank them so much for their hard work. Me, I can't say enough. From Tammy on the phone to Todd...Please thank your staff for everything. I would recommend SERVPRO in a second...

Dakota and Amanda did a superb job! They were very professional and took care of each and every detail. We were extremely pleased with the work they did! Thanks to Todd for his great management skills!

During the cleanup and restoration of my home, I dealt with personal illness and a sudden illness/death/burial of a close friend. The unique staff at SERVPRO played a major part in reducing the stress and trauma during this painful time. A special thanks goes out to David Duffy, Tony Terry and Tami Schaffer.

We have been so pleased with all aspects of dealing with SERVPRO from the time our water problem occurred until it was resolved.

I would like to commend you and your staff, on the efficient (neat) and professional manner that SERVPRO handled this emergency clean up and building protection service of August 29, 2014. Thank you for your promptly providing photos and the business personal property cleaning service invoice.

Very professional team! The whole crew showed such integrity that is so uncommon today.

While I’m the first to complain if things are not going as expected or needed I also like to pass along praise as well… Tony, Robbie and Shane are excellent folks to work with. They all have great communication skills and a vast knowledge of what to do to get the job done right with the first try. They are truly an asset to your company and we are fortunate to have their expertise during our times of need. Thanks for making it like it never happen.

The ladies who were in my home did an amazing job. I am completely impressed by the work that they did and their professionalism.

Art and Matthew cleaned the vent work at my home on Wednesday. They did a great job and I was glad to meet them. They were courteous and helpful. They were careful when moving furniture and accepted my suggestions with a friendly smile. They worked together well and the job went smoothly. Thank them for a job well done!

Greatly satisfied with all services performed by SERVPRO. They arrived 1 hour after the initial call and worked until midnight. Robbie went above & beyond my expections and has stayed in touch with me on a daily basis informing me of every process in place and what I can expect. He handles his job with great professionalism, care & concern. Will recommend SERVPRO to all my customers due to the efficient, timely and professional service given by your team. Thanks for everything!

These people were the best! They really made a bad siutation tolerable! Thank-you for all your help!

Robbie Terry is an amazing asset to your franchise. He is very knowledgeable and kept us informed throughout the process. He demonstrates incredible empathy and customer service. I hope we never have to go through this again, but if we do, I want Robbie running the show!

I have used SERVPRO before- the good service in the past keeps me coming back. The service is always prompt - courteous - professional - keep up the good work.

Made a bad experience better

".....They completed the job professionally and treated our family with respect. We were listened to, we were heard and our needs were met with integrity, kindness, clarity, constant check ins, and speed. Thank you VERY much!"

Thanks for a job well done. All your workers were considerate, compassionate and very helpful. Their efforts certainly made an unpleasant experience much easier to deal with. I appreciate everyone with whom I had contact.

In the world we live in today, most experiences have become negative, and I just wanted to take a minute to let you know what a wonderful job Matt Collins did on our carpet cleaning at our old house. We lived there for 12 years and never had them cleaned professionally. There were stains that I knew would not come up, but he managed to get just about all of them up. I was able to pay over the phone, and everybody was so nice to me. I am sincerely appreciate.

I would definitely recommend! Everyone I worked with was prompt & attentive to my needs in a special circumstance, with a tight time frame.

Very professional & expert on what and how to do the job. Thanks Kevin.

Hard working individuals, very efficient, courteous and thorough with explanations.

Morgan and his cleaning crew were very professional. They seemed very eager to please and wanted to make sure we were satisfied. Mama D was fantastic!

Great and courteous service!

Everything turned out very well.  I'm so pleased!